Bell Laboratories, INC.


Bell Laboratories launches CADET™ All-Weather BLOX®

WINDSOR, Wis., USA — Bell Laboratories’ is launching CAD3ET™ All-Weather BLOX®, which combine proven palatability and weatherability to eliminate rodent infestations wherever they are.Containing the active ingredient cholecalciferol, or vitamin D3, the 20g BLOX are effective against anti-coagulant-resistant rats and mice. The multiple edges on CAD3ET BLOX appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw, and a hole in the center of the BLOX allows technicians to place them on bait securing rods in tamper-resistant bait stations. This new D3 formulation is durable, weatherable, and resists mold and moisture, so it can be used indoors and out.

Patrick Lynch, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, said CAD3ET shows Bell Lab’s commitment to providing the pest control industry with the widest breadth of rodenticide options.

“CAD3ET is another step toward ensuring Bell has an option to fit the customer’s need for effective rodent control, no matter the regulatory environment or rodent problems a pest management professional might face,” Lynch said.

CAD3ET All-Weather BLOX will be sold in an 18 lb. pail and is available for shipment on March 4, 2024. For additional information, contact your Bell Technical Representative