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Vitamin D3 Bait in Pellet Form

Rampage® pellets are a rodenticide that offers PMPs the low hazard benefits of the active ingredient, Vitamin D3.

Rampage® with Vitamin D3 kills anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice yet substantially reduces the risk of secondary poisoning. It also poses low toxicity to birds. Its broad label makes it an excellent choice for controlling rodents at agricultural and animal production facilities, warehousing and food processing plants, as well as for commercial and residential accounts.

Rampage® is an extremely palatable bait with a recognized stop-feed action which reduces the need for extensive and continued baiting. Ultimately this results in lower total bait consumption with greater cost savings.

Available in place packs, Rampage® pellets are made with Bell's advanced formulation process that produces a fresher, better compressed pellet for improved weatherability.

Rampage® is available in a 10gm place pack size.