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TRAPPER Hidden Kill

A Better, More Professional Way to Trap Mice

The Hidden Kill Mouse Trap is an economical choice for PMPs looking for a discreet option for trapping mice. The trap is designed with a quick, no mess capture and kill mechanism that is an upgrade from the unsightly kill of outdated wood traps, all at an exceptional value.

With a stealthy, low-profile design it blends into a variety of surroundings. Built with a fully enclosed capture area, it keeps the captured mouse hidden inside. The Hidden Kill is a premium quality trap that is built to withstand a variety of environments yet is a comparable price to wood traps.

Other features include:

  • Easy, no touch disposal.
  • Two-way entry allows mice to enter from either direction.
  • Innovative design for optional corner placement.
  • Removable bait cup for safe and easy baiting.