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WINDSOR, WIS. – Bell Labs remains committed to providing our partners with the most extensive line of tools and solutions for rodent control. Along with that mission, we are proud to announce the launch of four new iQ® productions at PestWorld 2021, Las Vegas:

  • Pulse® Mouse iQ® - mouse monitoring bait station
  • Pulse® Rat iQ® - rat monitoring bait station
  • Trapper® Mouse iQ® - mouse trap with sensor
  • Weighted Landscape iQ® - rodent monitoring bait station tray

iQ® products capture and provide PMPs with important previously unknown rodent data, giving service specialists the time they need to conduct superior rodent control service, instead of checking empty traps. “As the World Leader in Rodent Control Technology, Bell is committed to providing our partners with the most efficient and intuitive rodent monitoring system. The launch of our four new iQ® products ensures that, whether our PMP partner is battling mice or rats, choosing to use bait or traps, they will have an iQ® product powered by Bell Sensing Technologies to better protect their customers from rodents and ultimately, grow their business,” says Patrick Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Bell Sensing Technologies.

These four new iQ® products join the full iQ® line-up of rodent control devices with sensors, including Express iQ® bait station tray, T-Rex® iQ® rat trap and 24/7 iQ® multiple catch mouse trap. iQ® products have fully integrated, weatherproof rodent sensors, batteries, and Bluetooth® antennae. iQ® products also provide PMPs with the first scalable rodent monitoring system that utilizes the same popular products currently used in their everyday rodent control service.

To learn more about these new iQ® products and to see the entire line of seven smart rodent monitoring devices, please visit