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At Bell, we put our resources and expertise into manufacturing products to control rodents. Bell products undergo stringent tests before they ever leave the manufacturing plant, guaranteeing you the highest quality rodent control products on the market.

Manufacturing & Testing Rodenticides and Bait Stations

Every effort is made in the manufacturing process to produce superior quality baits. Bell Laboratories' baits contain only food-grade inert ingredients and enhancers. Grain is purchased in bags rather than bulk and is inspected before use to ensure that it meets quality specifications and is free of contaminants. Throughout the manufacturing process, products undergo periodic quality checks.

Manufacturing & Testing Glue Traps and Boards

For situations where poisons are prohibited or discouraged, Bell Laboratories manufactures a complete line of glue products to capture and monitor rodents and insects.

Bell formulates its own glue, bringing its understanding of rodent behavior to task with adhesives that capture and hold rodents firmly. Next to synthesizing technical materials, manufacturing adhesives is one of the most critical operations at Bell Laboratories.

Bell's adhesives are formulated and tested in Bell's chemistry labs until they meet Bell's strict specifications for holding power, operating temperature range, and ease in removing the release paper. Glue is manufactured in several formulations, taking into account the requirements of each type of adhesive product.

Manufacturing & Testing Mechanical Mouse Traps

Designed for ease of use, Bell Laboratories' mechanical traps incorporate state-of-the-art technology in a trap that sets or releases in one motion. Traps are spring-loaded to the tension point where they release at the touch of a mouse but won't accidentally be set off by vibrations.