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We can make your future come together. At Bell Laboratories, we set the standards for innovation and quality products in the rodent control industry. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, we have excellent opportunities in all phases of the business.

Manufacturing   Office & Supervisory   Skilled Operations


“It’s not just a line, Bell is a great company to work for. It’s the people and the sense of ‘team’ within our group and commonality in thought towards producing good, quality products. We’re always looking of the next greatest thing and how to make it better. I enjoy working with people with the same drives who enjoy what they do. Being a part if that general trajectory is what keeps me coming back.”

“Depending on how you play it, there is the potential to be very successful at Bell, a company that focuses on growth and development from within. You cannot beat the culture at this company, it needs to be protected. It’s the little things, just being a part of something that conveys to the employees that they are VALUED! Otherwise there is no reason to show up.”
Director of Technical Services
I am responsible for ensuring the line is safely producing quality products for the customer at the quoted rate. I enjoy working at Bell because of the teamwork, healthy work environment, work ethic and the culture of training and empowering our people.
Tenzin Choeku
Packer III
My role is to get the extruders running on time and make sure new operators are trained on these jobs as well. I fell Bell is a great place to work because of the good people, as well as growth opportunities that come with a lot of job openings. Bell is like my second home.
John Bush
Extruder Operator
I have been at Bell Labs for 6 years. I've never worked anywhere like Bell before. Bell has always been a very stable place to work. They always have hours available when you need it. I've never had the kind of opportunities that Bell has given me. I've been a Temp, an Inspector, a Mill Operator, Maintenance, Extruder Operator, and now I've become a Biology Field Tech. I never imagined that I'd come this far. If I had only one thing that I could say to a new employee here at Bell, it would be that if you work hard, show up every day, and show that you want to move forward in this company, then Bell will do its best to make that happen.
Biology Field Tech
I have been with Bell a little over 8 years and have seen the company grow tremendously and it has really been a cool experience to be a part of!
Phil Williams
Shift Coordinator

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