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Bell US PCQ 01Pest Management Professionals have a new weapon in the fight against meadow and pine voles, California ground squirrels and commensal rodents with new, P.C.Q.® PRO, from Bell Laboratories.

With the active ingredient, Diphacinone, this proven, first generation anticoagulant rodenticide has a broad label for use against a wide variety of pests in industrial, commercial and residential accounts. A welcomed addition to Bell's line-up of rodenticides, P.C.Q.® PRO is a restricted-use pesticide that is approved for burrow baiting for meadow and pine voles.

"We are excited to provide PMPs with a new tool that can be used to burrow bait for voles," says Sheila Haddad, Bell's Vice President of Sales - East. "As the vole population has increased over the years, so has the need for an effective rodenticide to control the populations. With a label approved for burrow baiting, it will provide PMP's with even greater flexibility to effectively control voles."

P.C.Q.® PRO is formulated with Bell's advanced preservation system, yielding a pelleted bait that is highly palatable and flexible for a variety of applications.

"As rodent and vole season comes into full swing, P.C.Q.® PRO will be an indispensable tool for PMP's because of its' broad label for use against a variety of pests," says Haddad.

Adding to the versatility of the product, P.C.Q.® PRO can also be used to control California Ground Squirrels when used in bait stations or for spot baiting applications.

"Our P.C.Q.® rodenticide has consistently been the brand of choice in California in the fight against the damage and destruction of ground squirrels," said Patrick Lynch, Bell's Vice President of Sales – West. "The flexibility of the new P.C.Q.® PRO label that allows for both spot baiting as well as placement inside bait stations, along with its' proven palatability, provides PMPs with the best solution against these pests in the market. It is an exciting day for Bell to be able to bring this brand to the rest of the United States."

The highly palatable formula competes with natural food sources in the field and is specially formulated to control California Ground Squirrels, Meadow and Pine Voles, Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice.

P.C.Q.® PRO is available in economical 12lbs pail or 50lb bags. Contact your Bell Technical Representative for more information.