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WINDSOR, WI, USA - Bell Laboratories, Inc. is committed to providing the most rodent control tools possible for pest management professionals, regardless of the regulatory challenges our industry may face.  In keeping with that promise, Bell is pleased to announce the launch of its newly registered rodenticide: Contrac California Bromethalin Blox.   As the name suggests, Contrac California Bromethalin Blox are made with the single feed acute active ingredient bromethalin.  Its 28g all-weather blocks are expected to provide PMP’s the confidence and results they have been accustomed to when using Bell’s other industry leading Contrac products.

Registered only for use in the state of California, Contrac California Bromethalin Blox specifically meets all state regulatory requirements for structural rodenticide use.   Available for shipment now, EPA Registration No. 12455-151, is packaged in an 18lb pail with a blue lid for easy differentiation.

For more information on Bell’s newest rodenticide please visit or contact your California pest control distributor.