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From the makers of PCQ®, Bell introduces new Ditrac® Ground Squirrel bait, with the powerful multi-feed, first generation anticoagulant Diphacinone.


It can be used for the control of the California Ground Squirrel in California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and North Dakota.

Specifically developed to appeal to this squirrel species, Ditrac® Ground Squirrel bait is available in an economical 12lb pail or 50lb bag with its active ingredient at 0.005 percent. The highly palatable formula competes with California Ground Squirrel's natural food sources.

"This non-restricted rodenticide will give PMP's an excellent tool to control ground squirrels around man-made structures," said Bell's Western Technical Representative, Jeremy Davis. "We are confident that users will find the same great results with Ditrac® Ground Squirrel Bait as they found with PCQ over the past 30 years."

Ditrac® Ground Squirrel Bait is a non-restricted use product that can be applied within 100ft of man-made structures when used with a secured, tamper-resistant bait station.

Like all of Bell's rodenticides, Ditrac® Ground Squirrel bait contains only the highest-grade toxicants and inert ingredients for outstanding rodent acceptance and control.

Ditrac®Ground Squirrel bait is now available through Bell distributors, in select U.S. states.