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The number one rodent bait in professional pest control, Contrac® All-Weather Blox™, is now available with an amended label for approved use on 11 additional species.

The expanded label includes Peromyscus (deer mouse, cotton mouse and white footed mouse), meadow voles and other invasive rodent species, including:

  • Cotton rats
  • Eastern harvest mouse
  • Golden mouse
  • Polynesian rat
  • White-throated woodrat
  • Southern plains woodrat
  • Mexican woodrat

The expanded label provides Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) with greater flexibility to obtain control against invasive non-commensal rodent species while closely adhering to label guidelines. The revision comes after a recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision that lifts a previous ban against the use of rodenticides on pests other than house mice, Norway rats and roof rats.

Contrac® All-Weather Blox™ is approved for use on Peromyscus species. Peromyscus, in particular the deer mouse and white-footed mouse, are the primary vectors of the Hantavirus, a dangerous and sometimes deadly disease spread by rodent urine and droppings.

Contrac® All-Weather Blox™ (18-pound and 4-pound pail) with expanded species labeling is now shipping from Bell facilities. The balance of Bell's product line will be updated and begin shipping over the coming months.

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