Bell Laboratories, INC.


Bell Laboratories announces No Data Fees for iQ Products

WINDSOR, WIS. – Bell Laboratories is pleased to announce the removal of the monthly subscription fee for the Bell Sensing Technologies App, which supports Bell’s full product line of iQ rodent monitoring devices. No subscriptions, no charges, no data fees, ever. And there’s no catch: use as many iQ devices, at as many accounts, without any charges. Affordable rodent monitoring is a tool that belongs in every pest control technician’s toolbox, and this is another way that Bell wants to ensure no PMP gets left behind.

“We are excited to be in the position to offer our Bell Sensing Technologies app and portal without any subscription fee. We believe using our iQ rodent control product line improves the efficacy and efficiency of rodent control and improves the work lives of our PMP partners. This strategic initiative is a momentous step towards our long term goal of having every PMP around the globe experiencing the myriad of benefits that using iQ products can provide”, says Patrick Lynch, ACE, Sr. Vice President of Sales.

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