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Vitamin D3 BLOX for organic production

With its EPA registered label, TERAD3 Ag BLOX can be used in many types of organic production, including dairy facilities, animal production, warehousing/storage and food processing. It can be used in and around agricultural buildings, including swine, poultry, cattle and dairy facilities. However, it cannot be used in the fields or orchards where crops are growing.

TERAD3 Ag combines the most recent advances in bait formulation with the benefits of Vitamin D3. TERAD3 Ag BLOX kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice yet reduces the risk of secondary poisoning. It also poses low toxicity to birds.

For years, Vitamin D3 was the only active ingredient for rodent control approved for use in organic production. Now, with TERAD3 Ag, this unique active ingredient is available as a newly formulated product - a denser, tightly compacted 1oz. extruded BLOX with superb durability.
A highly weatherable BLOX, TERAD3 Ag incorporates an advanced preservation system, making the bait mold and moisture resistant. Its high melting point keeps the bait stable in temperatures as high as 200 degrees F. With the BLOX product form, bait translocation is also reduced.