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All-Weather Cake Scored for Placements

DITRAC® All-Weather CAKE, a rodenticide for all baiting situations, contains the active ingredient, diphacinone.

DITRAC® All-Weather CAKE controls Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice in and around homes, farms, and industrial buildings.

Success with diphacinone baits depends on repeat feedings, so Bell manufactures DITRAC® with only high-quality ingredients and enhancers for optimal rodent acceptance.

An excellent maintenance bait for use indoors and out, DITRAC® CAKE is designed for high moisture conditions because it resists mold and rancidity.

This economical 1 lb. bait is manufactured in a multi-edged, scored cake that can be broken into 4 oz. pieces for rat placements and 1 oz. for mouse placements. Use it in bait stations placed around structures and along rodent runways.

The antidote, Vitamin K₁, is also readily available.