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FINAL All-Weather BLOX

Extruded Bait with Brodifacoum

FINAL All-Weather BLOX contains the powerful active ingredient, brodifacoum. FINAL is effective in controlling both rats and mice but works especially well to clean out persistent mouse infestations.

FINAL All-Weather BLOX, with its distinctive cog-like shape, is made with more than 16 high-quality, inert ingredients for proven palatability. The bait of choice in the pest control industry, Bell’s proprietary All-Weather BLOX are manufactured from Bell’s unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple-edged bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weatherability of a paraffinized bait.

This highly weatherable block bait easily fits in tight baiting places. A hole in the center of this 20g Blox lets PMPs place it on bait securing rods in Bell’s tamper-resistant bait stations, or nail or wire it in place.

The multiple edges appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw. BLOX work well in any condition — wet or dry, indoors or out. Ready-to-use FINAL All-Weather BLOX complements Bell’s superior line of rodent baits, offering PMPs another tool to control rats and mice.

Final All-Weather BLOX is available in 18-lb and 4-lb pails.