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DETEX Soft Bait with Lumitrack

Non-Toxic Monitoring Soft Bait with Lumitrack

DETEX® Soft Bait with Lumitrack® is an essential part of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Once rodents consume the highly palatable bait, they will feel secure about the feeding location and will come back for more. That is when you make the switch and replace DETEX® Soft Bait with one of Bell’s numerous offerings of toxic rodenticides, which are also highly palatable and deliver proven results.

DETEX® Soft Bait incorporates Lumitrack®; a special additive that causes rodent droppings to brightly glow under UV or black light. This tool helps PMPs identify droppings in dark or congested areas where they would normally go unnoticed. Rodent droppings help identify species type and track rodent activity (i.e. entry points, pathways and harborage areas). Lumitrack® takes the guesswork out of rodent control and improves your baiting strategy.

Each 15g sachet of DETEX® Soft Bait includes an extruded hole in the center, making it easier for the PMP to place the bait onto the rod and allowing it to be placed more consistently and securely. DETEX® Soft Bait has been specially developed to achieve sustained palatability, making it ideal for long-term applications.

DETEX® Soft Bait has been designed to withstand almost any climate; it won’t freeze, melt or mold. DETEX® Soft Bait with Lumitrack® is available in an 8lb (3.6 kg) pail.