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DITRAC Tracking Powder

Powerful Tracking Powder

DITRAC® Tracking Powder is a restricted-use tracking powder for use by certified applicators. Just teaspoon amounts will control Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.

DITRAC Tracking Powder contains the toxicant, diphacinone, mixed with special carriers that adhere to the rodent’s fur and paws.

Tracking powder is ingested when the rodent grooms. Tracking powder is insoluble in water which prolongs the effects of the powder, making it ideal for tough jobs.

DITRAC Tracking Powder is good to use under controlled conditions when bait acceptance is poor. Apply teaspoon amounts in bait stations, rodent runways, burrows, wall voids or other areas where rodents travel. DITRAC Tracking Powder is labeled for use indoors in homes, industrial plants, agricultural buildings and other similar structures. DITRAC may also be dusted into rat burrows along the periphery of buildings.

Do not use tracking powder in drafty locations where it could become airborne or where it could contaminate food or surfaces that come in contact with food.