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Versatile and Efficient Tamper-Resistant Bait Station

PROTECTA® EVO® Edge is a versatile rodent bait station that is easy to use and service.  The station opens and locks quickly with Bell’s EVO key.  The built-in service record card holder, side-opening design and rounded interior walls make servicing fast, maximizing technician productivity. The station has a large bait capacity holding up to eight 28g or four 225g Blox securely inside the station and comes with vertical securing rods.

Designed for more than just bait, PROTECTA® EVO® Edge also accommodates two TRAPPER® Mini T-Rex mouse snap traps, or a TRAPPER® T-Rex rat snap trap, which can be set forward in the runway.  Technicians can swiftly adjust baiting or trapping tactics at their accounts, without having to switch out their equipment.

Other Features:

  • Made from 100% recycled, heavy duty injection-molded plastic.
  • Bell barcode sticker is pre-installed & ready to use with your tracking software.
  • Rear mounting holes allow station to be secured to a fence.
  • Opening on bottom for use with duck bill anchor or used as a drain hole to clear excess water.
  • Internal service label holder and external service label securing option; service label card can be zip tied to outside of station.
  • Compact, 8” x 9.5” x 4.5” foot print.